We challenge the status quo of search, cross reality and using the world’s information.

For all of the augmented reality startups that have come and gone, the technologies promised but never fully realized, and the mind-boggling potential in technologies that have existed but never crossed the tipping point; we see the potential in making a contribution to the world in a new and unprecedented way.

Enviropedia intends to change the way we think about what we can do with the worlds information. We see things differently and challenge the rules that others tell us we must obey. We intend to create a platform so good and useful that it will be impossible to ignore.

We invite you to join us on this adventure as we take our first steps into a much larger universe. We believe there is a distinct difference between knowing the path — and walking that path.


A dedicated group of individuals passionate in cutting-edge technologies

Donn Gurule

Founder and CEO

Enviropedia’s founder.  Donn’s background is diverse with a focus on game development, computer science, and visual effects for almost 20 years.

Eric Sanford

VP of Production and Operations

Former VP of production at Magic Leap, production head at Digital Domain, led teams of 30-40 people each, including Tron: Legacy, Bill and Ted Face the Music.

Ed Caracappa

Development, strategic alliances and marketing

Former Sr. Director of Global Alliances at Avid Technologies. Deep partnership, business development and sales experience leading teams worldwide.

Porrith Suong

Display engine, durability testing, core design

High demand, back-end game developer with several years in the industry.


Finance, Legal, Creative and Business expertise

Arthur W. Seligman

Seasoned securities strategy executive raising over $2.5B for over 85 companies.

James G. Hirsch

Written and produced over 50 movies/TV series, winning multiple Emmys. Writers Guild of America award nominee.

Laurie Kladis

Early investor and co-owner of St. Louis Cardinals and Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group.

James Muraff Esq.

Software engineer, intellectual property expert and strategist, working with over 800 patents in his career.


Laser-focused on company success

Donn Gurule

Chairman and CEO, Enviropedia Inc.

A very active member in the gaming, computer science and visual effects community, Donn’s experience working with IMAX, Warner Bros. and Bad Robot has resulted in his contribution to hundreds of feature films and directors since 2010, including J.J. Abrams, David Lynch and James Davidson. A former President of a 23,000 member organization with Santa Monica College and currently Board Secretary for the Visual Effects Society NY chapter. Graduated from UC Berkeley.

Arthur W. Seligman

President, Gulf South Holding Inc.

Mr. Seligman serves also as a Director of OT Mining Corporation. His experience in finance and securities has resulted in the success of over 80 deals in his career, raising over an impressive $2.5B. Previously, he was a managing partner at Willard Securities. Mr. Seligman graduated from Montclair University summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Dr. Marc D. Weiss

Dept. Head, Southern California Permanente Medical Group

Dr Weiss’ tenure at Southern California Permanente Medical Group includes managing a critical operation since 2009.