Enviropedia™ brings the world’s information into mixed reality instantly.

Reality is making a comeback™.

You might never use a search engine again.

Enviropedia™ is a jaw-dropping new platform that works in AR, VR and spatial computing.

Enviropedia™ is breakthrough contextual search, chronological navigation, and spatial computing for the world’s information.

A traditional search query (like with Google Search or Microsoft Bing) is only a tree in the forest. Enviropedia™ is the entire forest, often providing hours, days or even weeks’ worth of research in a fraction of a second.

Enviropedia’s mind-bending approach not only leapfrogs today’s search technology, it completely turbo-charges 3D environments and brings a vital patent-pending function to the way we use the world’s information, augmented reality, virtual reality, and spatial computing.

This is not just designed for mobile phones and tablets, but also for AR glasses, VR goggles, game consoles, which will make the world’s information infinitely more useful.

Enviropedia™ has completed our initial research, intellectual property, and product design work and is now ready to commercialize our idea, starting with our inaugural launch of Enviropedia™ METALENS™. It combines real estate, retail and auctions and hotels in a single glance.

In the future, Enviropedia is exploring new vertical markets over the next several years, as we research decentralized finance (blockchain), news and information publishing, real estate, genealogy, sports, and much more.

Enviropedia™ is a talented team of individuals, engineers with a deep knowledge of visual effects and computer science. We hope our contribution to the world will give users the power to live better, be better and more productive.

METALENS™ Mixed Reality

Digital twin real estate. Retail and auctions. Hotels.

Introducing the Intuition Engine™ Mixed-Reality Information Engine

Thousands of searches in the blink of an eye.

A crucial advance in search technology, solving AR, VR, and spatial computing’s greatest problem — how to instantly curate and work with the world’s information with the right answer, exactly when you need it.